What is DFSLink

DFSLink is a command line based tool to add a lot of links to a DFS structure in one fell swoop.

The standard Microsoft DFS MMC Snap - In allows you to add a link one by one.
So if you want to add more than 20 links to a DFS root you are quickly frustrated.

DFSLink provides the "/all" argument to add all subfolders in the the destination root to the given DFS root. So is it very easy to add 100 or more folders in one fell swoop.

You can add links one by one, with the "/all" argument to add all subfolders or with a script file for more complicated folder structures.


dfslink \\dfs-root\dfs-share \\server\share

results in "\\dfs-root\dfs-share\share": "Share" is the new created link.

dfslink \\dfs-root\dfs-share \\server\share /all

(Share have three subfolders (1,2,3))

results in "\\dfs-root\dfs-share\1", "\\dfs-root\dfs-share\2", "\\dfs-root\dfs-share\3"

For each subfolder under "\\server\share" dfslink created a link in the DFS root.

This site is still in construction.

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